How to turn off Siri voice assistant on your Apple iPhone

Siri on iPhone

Siri is one of the finest and very intelligent voice assistants, and it has been one of the companions to the users in not just some helpful stuff but also for fun, with replies that can bring a smile in you sometimes. You might have seen people often sharing screenshots of how witty Siri has been while replying to their questions or commands. The case is not similar to how Android’s Google Now does, and the way they work too is different.

Siri on iPhone

But hey, not everyone would like to say “Hey Siri” all the time. Some of them try to keep it simple and not want such voice assistants on their phone as most of the searches they do are directly on the browser and some might not find Siri to be as useful as they expect it to be. These are the instances where you might be wondering, “Why don’t I turn off Siri completely?” We can relate to this question:

“Hey, I do like Siri and its help but sometimes, it is annoying and more of a habit that I start talking to it for every small help that I want. I want to turn off Siri and see if I can hold on with my hard work. I don’t know how to do it. Can you help?”

Fair call, I’d say. Not everyone loves what is offered on their phones, and iPhone users are quite picky if they are not liking Siri. Sometimes, people wouldn’t want to use a lot of resources on their phone and keep the battery well saved, so saying goodbye to Siri is what would make sense for them. So, here’s how to turn off Siri on your iPhone. This will work for any iOS version from iOS 8 and later.

Here’s how to turn off Siri

Siri on iPhone Turn off

Under the Settings app on your iPhone, you will find “Siri” in the list of settings. Earlier, it was under the General Settings but now, you will see the same directly under Settings.

Tap on that and you will see the different options to choose from. The first one itself is what you are looking at. It is the On/Off switch for Siri. Just toggle this off and you are done.

It was the long pressing of the Home button on your iPhone that activated Siri. Now, doing the same after you turn it off will do nothing but keep you on the home screen.

Turn off Siri from lock screen

The lock screen is where you can access Siri and interact with the voice assistant. Sometimes, you might not use the finger with the Touch ID registered and accidentally, a long press on lock screen activates Siri. You can turn off by going to the Siri Settings and the second option is what needs to be toggled off.

Disable “Hey Siri” voice detection on iPhone

Siri on iPhone Detection

Just like “Ok Google”, there is “Hey Siri”, the term that iPhone users speak out to activate Siri without the touch of a button. Even this can be disabled, only for the reason that you want the phone to be at rest and not actively looking for your command. In a way, it is good because sometimes, you might accidentally activate it and when you didn’t even intend to.

To disable the Hey Siri detection, you will need to go to the same Siri settings and the third option is what would help you toggle between having it activated or deactivated.

So, we hope things have got better for you once you have turned off Siri and its assistance on your iPhone. Just so you know, it is just that plain toggle that will help you activate it again whenever you want it.

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