Siri is not responding or working – How to fix Siri issues

iPhone Siri issues

When your most helpful feature on the phone is not working, it cannot get more annoying than that. Siri is what we are talking about here because I am sure many have got addicted to its functionality as it makes life and things easier for most of them. If you are one of the active Siri users on your iPhone, having a situation when it isn’t working is what you would want to avoid.

So, we’ve got a situation as one of the worried users asked the following,

I can’t get Siri to work. Does it not work offline? But it was worse because even after I turned the Internet on and connected to my Wi-Fi network, Siri didn’t respond and the recording of my voice too didn’t happen. How do I fix this problem?

iPhone Siri issues

The problem is only one, but there might be several reasons for that. Your Internet connectivity, problems in the OS, a problem with the microphone, and others are on the list and we will explain the reasons alongside some workaround for you to see if you can fix it by yourself and get Siri to work again.

Reasons why Siri is not working

  • Internet connectivity issues, one of the very common reasons
  • Siri turned off under Settings
  • Temporary problem with the iOS system
  • The microphone isn’t currently working on the iPhone
  • Siri app is not working

Now, you cannot be sure what went wrong here, so let me take you through a few steps. Do one at a time and see if Siri works after it, and if it doesn’t, proceed to the next one. Chances that even the first one might help you fix the Siri functioning problem, but depends on your luck, frankly.

Steps to fix Siri functioning issues

Check the Internet connection

Most of the times, it is the disconnection from the Internet that led to this Siri problem. You might not notice this but even if connected to Wi-Fi, sometimes the non-availability of data on the network would lead to no response from Siri even if the graph keeps showing as if it is listening to you.

Siri might also sometimes mention “Sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network,” or “Try again in a little while.” if there is a problem with the connectivity.

If there is a problem on Wi-Fi, why not give it a try by once turning data network connectivity ON and turning off Wi-Fi just to see if it works? Also, once activate Flight mode on the iPhone and turn it off before you connect to the Internet and then see if Siri is now responding. If it does, great, but if it doesn’t, you will have to try out with the next step mentioned below.

Check if Siri is activated

Siri needs to be activated for it to work. You know that, but you might not know that it could have got deactivated accidentally. If pressing the home button doesn’t show Siri, this could be the reason. Go to Settings, and here, there will be Siri in the list. Tap on that and check if the first option in the list is toggled ON.

Even if it is turned on, once turn it off and activate it again. It has to do with the OS, so just trying to restart Siri once won’t harm.

Restart your iPhone, or iOS device where Siri isn’t working

Restarting any device usually fixes many problems. A slowing down iPhone can be made faster as restarting kills a lot of background processes. The same applied here, Siri might start working perfectly once you restart your iOS device.

Check if Siri is listening to the voice with an external mic

Sometimes, there could be an issue with the microphone of your iPhone or the iOS device on which Siri is not working. So, you should give it a try by using an external mic, i.e. something like a headset that also has a mic. If it works this way, there is a hardware issue that you might have to get checked with the Apple Care.

If Hey Siri command doesn’t work – Here’s what you need to do

“Hey Siri” is the voice recognition where you don’t need to long press that home button or even touch the device. Just saying “Hey Siri” would activate it. Sometimes, even if you have turned it ON under the Siri settings, it wouldn’t work.

For that, first take a note that if you have an iPhone 6 or earlier iPhone version, or an iPad that is before the iPad Pro, having the device plugged into power is what will activate this feature and it won’t work otherwise. You don’t have much to do if it still doesn’t work.

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