How to Reset Apple ID Password

iPhone Apple ID Password Reset

If you want to login to a new device from your Apple ID or if you want to download something from the iTunes or App Store, then you will need the Apple ID password to proceed.You can reset the password easily from any browser using any device like iPhone, iPad or your Mac. In case you forget the Apple ID that was used to create the account, you can even reset the Apple ID and then proceed to reset the Apple ID password.

One of our readers recently wrote to us asking for help, She had purchased a new iPad and wanted to log in to the device using her old Apple ID that she was using on her iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPhone was set up by her son and it’d been a few years so both of them had forgotten the password of the Apple account and there were many precious memories in her phone which she wanted to be synced over to the new iPad. Though the process is very easy and pretty straight forward, we thought it was necessary to just write an article that would help several people wh0 have encountered similar problems.

Steps to reset the Apple ID password:

If you know the Apple ID then you can easily reset the password by receiving the reset link on your mail or by answering the security questions that you set while creating the account.

Start by navigating to from the web browser of your choice and then enter your Apple ID which would be the email address associated with your Apple or iCloud account while creating it. If you have forgotten the address you can reset that too. Now go to the Captcha section and type in the CAPTCHA characters to prove that you are a human and not a bot and then click Continue.

Apple select what to reset

Select the I need to reset my password option and again click or tap Continue to proceed. Now select the Get an email if you want to get an email with instructions on how to reset the Apple ID password.

  • In case you do not wish to wait for the email containing instructions, or if there is some problem with your mail server, you can choose to answer the security questions set during the account creation which would help you reset the account password.

Click or tap Continue to proceed and you should receive an email with the reset instructions on the email account linked to your Apple ID. Open the email which you received from Apple domain having the title “How to reset your Apple ID password.” Now click or tap Reset now in the email you received and you should be directed to the unique reset section of where you can enter a new password. Now on this website, you need to enter a new password, Enter the new password of your choice and repeat it again to confirm the password. Then click or tap on Reset Password to successfully reset the password.

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