Blocked on Instagram or not? Here’s how to check if you are blocked

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If you’ve stopped seeing updates from someone on Instagram then there is a probability that you’ve been blocked by them. Instagram has an option to block specific users and once a person is blocked, they will no longer receive updates from the blocked person and won’t even be able to see their account or the pics uploaded by them. Follow the steps below to check if you’ve been blocked by a specific person on Instagram.

One of our readers messaged us asking for help, he had recently gone through a breakup with his girlfriend and was unable to see her pics on Instagram for a while, he feared that he might have been blocked on Instagram by her and was wondering if there was a way to find out the same. Although a very trivial task, there are many who don’t know how to confirm if they’ve been blocked on Instagram by a specific person. Here’s a small tutorial to check if you’ve been blocked by a person on Instagram.

Check if you’ve been blocked on Instagram:

Go to the Instagram app and search for the person’s profile name, If their account is private, then it will not return any results. However, if the account is public then you can find his account but it will show that no photos or videos were uploaded.

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You can reverify the fact that you’ve been blocked by clicking the follow button once you open their profile. If you’ve been blocked then, no matter how many times you hit the follow button nothing changes. If you are able to follow the account, it means that you’ve not been blocked and that the user just stopped uploading new content onto their Instagram account.

If you are still not sure, you could also open the profile in a browser, if the account is a public one then you should still be able to see updates of the user when you’re not logged in. If it is a private account you might want to create another account and follow the user for future updates.

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