How to Hide Instagram Stories from Specific Followers

Instagram Stories

Instagram had introduced a feature called Stories which people claim, to have drawn inspiration from a popular photo-based messaging app. Nevertheless, this feature became highly popular because of the fact that the images or videos that are shared as stories last only 24 hours. This became a major platform for people to keep their followers updated about the events that are going on in their life.

However, if there are a few stories that you wish to hide from a specific set of people then you’ll have to tweak a setting in the Instagram app. Instagram allows you to make your story visible to only selected people or make it visible to all but a selected few.

One of my friends really liked the new story feature in the Instagram app but was very reluctant to use it for the fact that she didn’t like her snoopy relatives who were also following her Instagram account to have a look at the stories. Luckily, Instagram had an option to restrict the content and prevent it from being viewed by few people. Since many people are still unaware about how to hide their Instagram stories from people, we decided to write an article about the same.

Steps to hide Instagram Stories:

Fire up the Instagram app and visit your profile by tapping on the profile icon to the bottom right corner, and then tap on the Settings in your profile which is a gear icon for iOS and a three dot slack for Android.

Instagram Accounts Settings

Now tap on the Story Settings to modify story settings under the account and then select the Hide Story From option and select all the followers that you wish to hide the story from and then proceed to confirm the same by tapping the Done button to the top right. From now on, each story that you create will be hidden from the followers you selected in the previous step.

Instagram Accounts Hide Story

You can also access the same setting from the story option if you want to modify the setting for individual stories. To do so, Go to the profile and select Your Story which should be on top of your feed if you have created one. In the story that you created, select the 3 Horizontal dots option at the bottom right and then tap on the Story Settings options to modify it. You should be presented with a screen that will be similar to the previous steps, go ahead and select the followers that you wish to hide the story from and then proceed to confirm it by tapping the Done button.

Instagram Accounts Select Accounts to Hide Story

How to view who has seen your post:

Unlike as in the case of Instagram posts, you can actually see all the people who have seen your story on Instagram. The followers also get an option to send a direct message to the person who posts the story, but there is no way to like or comment on it publicly.

Instagram Story Views

If you want to see who and how many people saw your story then select Your Story at the top of your profile and then swipe up to see the viewers. If no one has viewed the story yet, then you should be presented with a message showing “No viewers yet” and you could always come back to the same page to see who and how many have viewed the story shared by you.

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