How to enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication) for Instagram

Instagram 2FA

If you are really concerned about your privacy and personal security online then you would already have 2 Factor authentication enabled for most of the important online services by now, unfortunately, Instagram didn’t have 2FA for a long time, luckily it has finally changed now.

We recently received a message from one of our readers who is also a high-profile public image. Someone had recently threatened her of hacking into all her online social media accounts. This had really scared her and she was asking for tips which would help her safeguard her online accounts and prevent them from being hacked. This struck a bell in our mind and we remembered the 2 Factor-Authentication option that Instagram just introduced for their app. Although not a fool-proof solution, it does help a lot in protecting the social media accounts. Also, not many are aware of how to enable 2-factor authentication on their devices, so here’s a small tutorial on the same.

Steps to enable Two-Factor authentication.

To enable two-factor authentication, go to the app and open your profile page. Tap on the Three-dot icon that you find in the top right corner of the screen and then scroll down to find the Teo-Factor authentication option and open it. Toggle the Require Security Code option and turn it on.

Instagram 2FA Turn On

Instagram should then send you a 6 digit code to make sure that it’s really you who wants to turn on 2FA on the device and verify the mobile number validity at the same time. It then gives you an option to take a backup code in case you are at a location without a reliable phone service. You could just take a screenshot of these codes to prevent yourself from being locked out from your account when you need it.

Instagram Verify

Although 2 Factor authentication is a not a 100% solution, and it cannot totally assure you of your online security, it does make it much harder for someone to access your account without your acknowledgment. With the two-factor turned on, they will need access to both, your password and your phone for the authentication code. It is even more essential if you’re a public image or if you save sensitive information on your Instagram account feed or share private information using direct messages.

For those who are traveling a lot of times and don’t have the access to the actual SIM network on which the two-factor authentication is enabled, you can have the set of backup codes handy. These can be used as a backup when the actual SMS isn’t received for the two-factor authentication.

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