How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Phones

Download Facebook Videos Android

Watching videos is probably the second best source of entertainment for many people coming next only to music. There are many content providers for videos, however, YouTube and Facebook seem to be pioneers in this master race. Most of the time this content is loaded on-the-go using mobile data, thereby making it a costly affair. To counter this, YouTube has offered a feature to take videos offline and even Facebook has started allowing its users to download the video for future offline viewing. However, these downloaded videos can only be played on the Facebook or YouTube apps respectively and they cannot be shared on other services like mail or WhatsApp. In this article, we will be covering both the ways to download and take the videos offline, thereby giving you an option to chose what’s convenient for you.

Direct Download from Facebook (Official Feature)

The official way to download videos on the Facebook app is pretty straight forward, Power up the Facebook and look for the video that you wanna download, then to the top right corner of the video you should find a downward pointing arrow. Click that arrow and you should be presented with many options. Of these options, you should find the download option on the top, click on the button to initiate the download process. There should be a notification telling showing you the progress of the download. Once the download completes, you’ll be notified of the same.

Viewing Saved videos

Download Facebook Videos Android Saved

Viewing the downloaded videos is simple, after opening the Facebook app swipe right to left to reach the right most page which is a menu. In the menu, you should find a page called saved. Select that page to open it and there will be categories of saved content which include links, videos, products, and photos apart from the rest. Select videos to filter the saved content and display only the videos. Select the video that you have downloaded and it should start playing without consuming your internet data.

Download using Third Party Tools

There are several third party tools which let you download videos from Facebook if the default way didn’t work for you. Once you download a video using one of these apps you can even share them on other social websites or apps unlike as in the case of the Facebook app. In this article, we will be covering the Video Downloader for the Facebook app which is one of the most commonly used apps for downloading videos from Facebook with ease.

Video Downloader for Facebook

Download Facebook Videos Android App

This tiny app can be downloaded from here. After downloading the app open it and log in to your Facebook account in the Video Downloader app. This gives you a list of options Newsfeed videos, Timeline videos, Uploaded videos, Tagged videos, and others. Newsfeed videos are the videos that come up on your news feed, Timeline videos are the videos that you or any of your friends have shared on your Facebook wall. Uploaded videos have videos that you’ve uploaded on Facebook and tagged videos are those videos that you were tagged in. If you are not comfortable with this design then you can always select the browser mode and navigate Facebook mobile website to choose the video.

Once you’ve chosen any of the above options, you should be presented with a list of videos pertaining to that category. Choose the video of your choice that you want to download and you will get a popup of options including Download, Download in HQ, play or share. Choosing the Download option will download the video for you in low resolution and low quality. For HD videos you can choose to download the video in High resolution and a better quality by selecting Download in HQ option.

There will be a new notification in your notification panel and it will show you the download progress. After the download has completed the notification will update and show that the download has completed. Click on the notification to play the video, or if you want to play the video at a later time then Open the Video downloader for the Facebook app and scroll down to the bottom of the main menu to find a page called downloaded videos. Select it and you’ll be presented with a list of downloaded videos. Click on the video of your choice and the video will start playing.

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